The (temporal) longitudinal analysis of the evolution of anatomical and/or physiological parameters requires a precision that only the most recent equipments at our imaging partners and the most powerful computer systems (software, graphics boards) allow to obtain:  seing skeletons of future litter of a mouse in utero, the big vessels and virtually to immobilize the heart become possible and the animal becomes a cooperative (volunteering) patient.

APcis made a series of medical premiereing in association with several University laboratories (René Descartes University, Insitut Pasteur) and Useful Progress in this domain since 2008.

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Notre SRC est agrée pour le Crédit d'Impôt Recherche. Depuis que le dispositif existe nos clients bénéficient d'un crédit d'impôt en France équivalent au moins à 50 % du montant des études qu'ils nous confient.

Our CRO,part of excellence cluster MEDICEN, allows our client to benefit in France from state incentive up to over 50 p.cent of study cost.