As we often receive candidate drugs that have never been administered to a living organism we suggest simple tests to evaluate potential hazards with MTD (maximal tolerated dose) in rodents.

We can adapt general pharmacological testing from the early hematology analysis and search of cardiac, neurologic, hepatic and renal functional alteration.


Our specialists can help your specialists

-formulating non toxic compositions, e.g. when candidate is poorly water soluble,

-screening potential undesirable side effects as early as possible,

- evaluate potential in man and in animals (eventual veterinary use)...

Bonne nouvelle!

Notre SRC est agrée pour le Crédit d'Impôt Recherche. Depuis que le dispositif existe nos clients bénéficient d'un crédit d'impôt en France équivalent au moins à 50 % du montant des études qu'ils nous confient.

Our CRO,part of excellence cluster MEDICEN, allows our client to benefit in France from state incentive up to over 50 p.cent of study cost.