Our premises were once the last action place of famous historic Union Printing House -that printed Lenin propaganda in Paris before 1917- and also the largest studio where Simon Hantai, the Budapest born painter, has ever developed in Paris his oeuvre celebrated at Paris MOMA this 2013 summer. We thus have tried to continue this historical committment to artistic research as obviously there is a link beween art and biological research.

Georges Rousse has realized 3 installations in situ that -exceptionnally in his oeuvre- have persisted over time as he has agreed with us on the safeguard of those.

François Morellet, visiting our facility has continued Georges Rousse painting by a 45° angle in black tape with a +2 Pi and - 2 Pi turn at each place the line hit a new surface until escaping from the personnel conference room.

Christian Jaccard has made an installation in the gallery where Simon Hantaï prepared his retrospective exhibition together with Pierre Buraglio, his assistant at that time, with ignition paste. His movie "Alfort" was presented at Beaubourg-Paris MOMA.

Daniel Buren has made a wall that we have used in the laboratory premises...

Bernard Quentin has made for us a big sculpture  DECOMBRES (Rubble), before the twin towers were hit.

Bonne nouvelle!

Notre SRC est agrée pour le Crédit d'Impôt Recherche. Depuis que le dispositif existe nos clients bénéficient d'un crédit d'impôt en France équivalent au moins à 50 % du montant des études qu'ils nous confient.

Our CRO,part of excellence cluster MEDICEN, allows our client to benefit in France from state incentive up to over 50 p.cent of study cost.