Our team of consultants has specialized in the sciences of pharmacological and immunological innovations, with dedicated in depth understanding of both low electric signal and high resolution image recordings and analysis.

We apply those non invasive methods to in vivo models, until first in man studies.
New medicine development address strict requirements, changing with the increase of scientific knowledge and the harmonicization of the regulations. 

Our industry is in need of well balanced approaches between medical, biological, and physics sciences

to speed up innovative drug marketing approvals.

Quality of data, value of the budget of R&D and final success depend on the subtlety of this balance. The efficiency of the research is an art, ours is contemporary of preclinical studies.

Our investigators and consultants have achieved many premiering in the pharmaceutical field, and as a CRO we belong to greater Paris area excellence cluster for health, MEDICEN. APcis was awarded first prize Siemens Innovation Trophy in 2006.


Nos chercheurs et nos partenaires ont permis de nombreuses premières technologiques biomédicales. Membres du pôle d'excellence MEDICEN (santé en Ile de France) depuis l'origine, nous entretenons des relations fécondes avec les entreprises les plus innovantes d'Ile de France après avoir reçu dès 2006 le trophée Siemens de l'innovation.

Bonne nouvelle!

Notre SRC est agrée pour le Crédit d'Impôt Recherche. Depuis que le dispositif existe nos clients bénéficient d'un crédit d'impôt en France équivalent au moins à 50 % du montant des études qu'ils nous confient.

Our CRO,part of excellence cluster MEDICEN, allows our client to benefit in France from state incentive up to over 50 p.cent of study cost.