Theme Infectious diseases

Aim:                     New models of experimental infections
Lead:            Mutabilis

Partners:    Apcis,  Oroxcell,  Pasteur Institute, AP-HP (Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital), INSERM (U570/Paris 5 University, U845/Pasteur Institute), INSERM U411
Duration:        3 years  Budget:        € 6.021,479    Grant:            € 2,709,864


This project help defining new models of experimental infection (antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral) for diseases that have no current reference system to assess drugs and for emerging pathogens. Achievements speeded up the development of compounds under investigation, and, in particular, the clinical applications for the treatment of nosocomial infections.


The project was divided into 6 sub-projects: 12 new bacterial infection models, 8 new fungal infection models, 5 new viral infection models, new technologies to study infection models, application in the discovery of drugs and a network of expertise.

This project aims to bring much-needed real innovation to the field. Its ultimate objective is to create a unique skills centre for infectious diseases in Europe.


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Theme Pharmacology of major functions


New models have been developed to predict in man potential modifications of

- sleep /wakefulness cycles by video and EEG/EMG monitoring,

- alteration of the mood, by a unique pharmacological follow up of specific steroids elevation,

- tissular growth e.g. skin during healing process, hair regrowth including after irradiation,  bone regeneration,

- inflammatory process e.g. with NF-kappa B pathway (from injection site to pre-tumoral stages), and in spontaneous cancer disease in animal patients from the Veterinary School of Alfort.

- obesity : many rodents tend to become obese with hyper energetic diets (high controlled fat or sugar) as do Beagle dogs. Several models using virtual dissecttion of subcutaneous and visceral adipose tissues have been developed and published. We can detect very slight changes of fat deposition vs. reference products and vs. placebo in very short period of time (2-6 weeks).

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